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Hey readers, it’s been a long time, I know I shouldn’t left you without a dope beat to step to … but truly, this blog isn’t dead, it’s just been dormant while I’ve attended to other things. So today I thought I’d revisit my Security Scholar roots with some recommended reading on this week’s international security focal point, Afghanistan.

These reports are but a few of what’s being churned out right now. They’ve made the cut because they delve into deeper issues about the country’s future under the Taliban:

Kristian Berg Harpviken, “The Foreign Policy of the Taliban”, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), Aug 2021, 3 pages

Benjamin Jensen, “How the Taliban did it: Inside the ‘operational art’ of its military victory”, Atlantic Council, 15 Aug 2021

Borhan Osman, “Bourgeois Jihad: Why Young, Middle-Class Afghans Join the Islamic State”, United States Institute of Peace, Jun 2020,

Thomas Ruttig, “Have the Taliban Changed?”, CTC Sentinel, Jun 2021, (Ruttig is co-director of Afghanistan Analysts’ Network which was based in Kabul.)

Martine van Bijlert on emerging Taliban strategy and Afghan political elite allegiances, Afghanistan Analysts’ Network, 19 Aug 2021,

Today’s image also reflects the end of the ADF’s mission to evacuate Australians and visa holders out of Kabul, as announced by the Defence Minister and reported this morning. Image source: Department of Defence